Monday, July 27, 2009

Do The Walk of Life

Dire Sraits was so right. And I get to walk with these two beautiful and amazing women.I've just gotten to spend nearly four weeks with them in a series of wonderful trips and experiences. Not that I dont get to spend my life with them, but this was a special time- starting in Seattle and Chelan Washington, then a week at Holden Village up in the remote Cascades. Then alone with my wife for five days while our daughter attended her first away-over night camp and then for a week in the Chisos Basin of the Big Bend- the three of us in what our daughter refers to as Home Without A House. Today was Monday and I didn't go back to work..... I stayed home and worked on photos. While I doubt I will ever be even half as pleased with the images as I was spending the time with them I will be sharing some of them here. Like the title of my blog I hope you will find in them cold water for thirsty souls!


Blogger laanba said...

Beautiful portrait of the loves in your life!

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