Sunday, May 24, 2020

Memorial Day

  The Flags will be placed by tomorrow. The graves will always              
be filled.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Summer of 76'

So back in 1976 we used to go out to the Reimers Ranch. Now its known as Hamilton Pool. You could drive down a very steep gravel road, very steep! and park close to the natural grotto, waterfall, and pool which fed Hamilton Creek. It ran on down to the Pedernales River through a canyon full of magnificent cypress trees and much smaller pools of water that whirled about like small jacuzzi's. The water was so clear and fresh and cold! And the shade from the cypress trees kept it even cooler. But this is Texas so even in the shade the air temperature was often in the mid 90's! Perfection! The Reimers would let a small number of people camp along the creek. We were lucky enough to be among that group several times!  The road out, up the side of the canyon was so steep and the clutch in my 65 Mustang so worn i would have to back up in reverse. Still blessed to hold the girl in my arms and the car is in my garage! But i dont have the trim figure I'm displaying or the long pony tail you cant see!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Fifth Step

You can see the sunlight there on the wall and across the stairs leading upstairs. The glass in the front door throws unusual patterns.  We designed and built the house about thirty five years ago and that fifth step- you can see a bit of it mid left side of the image with just a finger of sunlight on it, has always squeaked! I tried to fix it many times,many ways- and always failed. It finally dawned on me, the noise it makes is so familiar now that it would disturb me if it didn't !

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thunderbird Flyover!!

We had a Thunderbird Flyover yesterday in Austin! We went to the "edge" of town to a higher spot for a better view. Although its not that "well known" there wound up being a parking lot full of people pretty well spaced out! Actually that was the best part, the excitement and applause, screams and whistles from everyone when the planes passed overhead!! My favorite picture was the father and son next to us! So here it is. I believe the heart of service, whether it be military, medical, first responders, or other lies with people who genuinely risk their lives for people like these two!