Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Confession

So normally i respect signs that say "no photographs", particularly in churches. I dont think it bothers God in the least but it might bother other worshipers. I've been to this little chapel, in Chimayo, New Mexico several times. Its a small room with shelves all around- all filled with infants shoes. The first time I was there I was nearly moved to tears. Mistakenly I thought the shoes had been left in memory of children who had passed in infancy. It turns out they are left to seek the blessing of Santo Nino de Atocha. Much better for my feelings, though of course it doesn't mean children dont die way too young. Anyway the last time I was there I sat in the chapel for a while and then stole this image. I made a card of it and sent it to camp with my daughter this summer. It came back all crumpled. When I asked why she said..... because I slept with it in my pillow.

Forgive me God, I knew what I was doing but only You knew what would come of it. Thank You.


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Beautiful story.

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