Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Renee'

Around fourty years ago I saw this really HOT hippy looking girl- granny glasses,long hair in pig tails, a rainbow halter top, and short shorts. I couldn't see if she was barefooted, the hood of my 65 Mustang was in the way. And I wouldn't have spent a lot of time looking at her feet anyway because of that gorgeous hair, the way that halter top was bouncing and those short shorts were fitting and those eyes that looked at me- even just for a few seconds.

Well I came to learn that she was even more beautiful in spirit and that just keeps getting better and better, not to mention that somehow the outside just gets better looking with each year.

And those eyes!!!!!
I am so blessed to have spent fourty birthdays with her ( not to mention all the days in between!)

Happy Birthday Renee'


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