Thursday, August 08, 2013

Birthday Month

So its my birthday month and more importantly that of my daughter! This is the person who makes both of our lives so very special..... and not just in a birthday month! I've said it so many times before, those eyes!
 Those blurry words on the wall plaque deserve a minute to make out. At one time or another in my wife and my 40 years together each one of them has been the glue that held our lives together- some times more than one were needed. Sadly we've both had to remind one another just how important that they were to a relationship. By far Faith- in one another and in God, has been the most important. If I could give my daughter a birthday present it would be some day ( MANY years from now!) it would be to have a partner in life who understood and was willing to keep those words as a covenant between the two of them. And to have Those Eyes!


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