Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day 2-14-14

was a few days ago! For the first time since Hallie became our daughter there was someone besides her mother ( and my wife) Renee' at our Valentines Day Date Dinner. I have always taken them to "Dinner", not just eating out. And it has been great- even when Hal was only 18 months old. So this Valentines Hallie brought up bringing a friend and we said yes. They were GREAT dinner companions, good manners with a sense of humor! Now you may say,, what kind of father lets his daughter bring a BOY!! to his valentines date for her and her mother?? Well, look at the smile on my daughters face and then you should understand. Unfortunately, I may see my daughter in tears brought by some boy- but for right now my memory is this evening and those smiles, on both of their faces!


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