Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Different Vacation

So my family and I, if you get to count a thirteen year old daughter as a part of your family! just got back from a vacation to Akumal Mexico. We've traveled a pretty good bit in Mexico, but its been 6-7 years since we were south of the border. Why is a story for another time but I have to thank the owner of Craig O's pizza ( who is not from Mexico) for the change in Renee's disposition towards travel in Mexico!

But thats not what made the different, it was in fact because of a confluence of events I would have never expected to happen. Never.

First, it had nothing to do with retirement. As I explained early on I will continue to take vacations, holidays, and weekends off.

Second, and this counts.... I took less than 300 pictures in seven days! On a normal vacation I average 3x that EVERY DAY!

Third, we had NO activities scheduled, no boat trips- no trips to cenotes or Mayan Ruins, no long shopping excursions! While I did get in the water once with our snorkels I doubt we were in the water more than thirty minutes. I got in the pool once and Hallie & Renee' maybe three times. We spent all the time ( besides eating and thats where a lot of the pictures came in- food shots) laying in loungers under the shade of a palapa. H&R read several books each, me less than ten pages ! And if you think we just drank till we passed out-- there was no cabana service to the palapas!

Fourth, and most important! Renee' and I argued not one time! unfortunately it was a little different between Hallie and I- but like I said she's thirteen and I'm still Jim.

Fifth, the BIG ONE! None of us felt any regrets or remorse ( we'll maybe about Hallie) We had a GREAT TRIP!!

In the words of Doug Sahm, which came to me the last full day, as I pondered how this was all coming about and enjoying it so much
   "And it didn't even bring me down"

But you know, come to think of it, maybe my retirement does have something to do with it??


to be continued ( the retirement)


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