Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Times

they have changed. Yesterday my daughter and i went to the lumber yard for materials to build her some shelves. It was fun, although when we went there when she was two she always wanted  me to buy her something-- like work gloves or a little shovel! As we left she was given a couple of carpenter pencils. So when we got home and started to work I asked her to sharpen one. Now this is a very smart girl, she takes advanced classes, makes A's, and was a Junior National Honor Society member through junior high ( I doubt high school will be any different). So i was shocked when she asked me.... HOW? She said Its flat, it wont go into the sharpener ! So I said figure it out! And she thought and got frustrated pretty quick that I wouldn't tell her. You can see from the picture that I finally did, and went on to shelf building but....... it was with the sad realization for me that so many things that were common knowledge for my generation hold no place or purpose in her's. This isn't new there has been progress and change throughout civilization but its happening So Fast now!


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