Tuesday, May 03, 2016

It Started

with my daughter attending the Founders Day Festivities. That's a annual event celebrating the founding of our small town. The main street gets closed for a parade, there are food booths, street dances, BBQ cook-offs, a carnival, and tons of general "old time" fun. She's at the age where we are not welcome to tag along and thankfully we feel that she is mature enough and the event safe enough to honor her wish.
  So this year when we picked her up it seems she and her friends had rescued two carnival "prizes"- goldfish left by the roadside. And so they came home with us! Free fish!!!
   One didn't make it a day so it was time for a trip to the pet store and purchases, lots of them, to ensure its survival! Everything from an aquarium with pumps, grasses, and pineapple house to two new companions! 
   On asking I was told that the cost, so far, was more than $50 and less than $100!
Free fish!


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