Wednesday, May 17, 2017


 On a recent trip through Oklahoma to drive, experience, and photograph Route 66 I decided to detour off the Mother Road and visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. With the exception of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC I have never been so moved. It was a beautiful celebration of the lives lost, the sorrow, and the peace that the memorial has brought to the site.
  I sat to one side of the field of chairs- one to represent each life lost that morning. Their bases are glass, the backs and seat edges metal, and the seat bottom stone from the fa├žade of the destroyed building. As I sat there on the grass the sun was setting and the air growing cooler. I felt warmth coming from the chair and moved closer. It was as though there was someone sitting there beside me. Thank you Harley Richard Cottingham for sharing the Peace I know you have eternally. I am sorry that you and so many- before, then, and since had to go through such horror to receive that Peace.


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