Friday, December 08, 2006

More darkness than light?

This week I've dwelt far too much on what's not going "my" way, what I was "supposed" to do, my "failures" at work.. And passed by some really great things instead of rejoicing in them. So I took this photograph this evening, posed it as a matter of fact. Composed it, I should say- as opposed to my inability to compose my week. Now here is the question, Do you suppose that if Jesus were to appear in this image it would be there in all the warmth and happiness coming from the candy canes, santas, chicken, and my so wonderful wife and daughter? Maybe next to the snowman? Or out there to the right, in the darkness, ready to help you to that light and love? I know the answer. How I wasted some wonderful moments in this week.

So yes it's only xx shopping days til Christmas but the real gift is there for us each and every moment of our life.


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