Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Would Have To

You would have to be a photographer, I think, to understand the full excitement of a new camera. And it really doesn't matter if it's brand spanking new out of the box or just new to you. Even another used copy of a camera I may have used for many years still gets my excitement level racing.

It used to be that I KNEW this new camera or even lens was going to carry me over that threshold to becoming the GREATEST, MOST FAMOUS ( or at least as good as Weston & Smith), and RICHEST photographer in the world!

Well that never happened and for quite a number of years I've known that it never would happen that way, but,BUT...... I still buy more cameras and equipment. I don't have to take out loans, like I did to buy my first used 4X5, and then there is that devil E-Bay tempting with Nikon F's, Bronica S-2's, and Speed Graphics so so cheap!

And they all excite but not quite like this one tonight. Came in a plain brown outerbox,like pornography pre-internet, I guess because the price I paid for it was obscene! Ten times what I paid for my 65 mustang.

But I'm now the owner of my very first brand new Leica! Little red dot on the front and all! But there is no place to put the film! And I'm excited! Yes I am!

Thats the brown box.

And my first "picture", naturally a self portrait in black & white, because, well its late and Hallie and Renee' both said NO PICTURES. And its mostly out of focus because you know--- those Leicas just aren't very sharp.

I've got to run, there's an E-Bay auction on a Canon Dial 35 I need to bid on...... half frame funky looking camera that's the deal!


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