Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summers End

The end of the vacation , the end of summer, or something she sees that I cant or wont? I know I was looking at her but couldn't really tell you what she was looking at. And you know- I'm glad! Our worlds connect- because she wants them to, because I do, because her mother does- but they dont always have to be the same. She knows this allready at seven and is comfortable with it.... it took me nearly thirty five years to realize it with other loved ones. I'm so thankful that I had finally awakened to this when Hallie entered our lives.


Blogger Nitsa said...

See? it does work when you leave a comment on someone's blog :)
BTW, its been a great visit. I think you're using your polaroid quite efficiently. I'm still not sure what to photograph to make it count. but I admit that blurry dark images always do it for me.

10:17 PM  

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