Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools!

I cant remember all the April Fool tricks we played on my father. They were involved, lenghty, and hilarious- at least to everyone but my father. This picture is not one of them. Its a picture I took in 1971 in the Sam Houston National Forest outside of Huntsville. I was going to college there to be a photographer? or a philosopher? and my family came to visit me. I'm not really that tall- but i was that skinny! I had a 4x5 checked out with a 47mm lens. I wish I had the negative, all thats left is this one print. For someone who has been taking pictures the better part of my life I have precious few of my family. I guess it wasn't important to me. They are now. I dont restore the print, take away the creases, the spots to remind me that you can't change the past. I wouldn't undo the practical jokes on April Fools either but I do wish I could still play them on my father.


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