Saturday, March 27, 2010

All That's Left

of Leonard Brothers Department Stores. A room full of bits and pieces of the past, some of which confirmed very early childhood memories of mine- Like the monorail that ran around the ceiling of the top department at Christmas time! If you look at the directory you can see enties for linoleum and lay-a-way, as well as lumber. I dont know how many floors, buildings they occupied in downtown Ft Worth just that in the day of catalog shopping being the most expanded version of shopping available, they were something else! The admission to the museum is free, and you get a free plastic cup if you want or you can go next door to the M&O Grill and have one of the best hamburgers you will ever eat. Thats M & O for Marvin and Obie. Oh, and I'll bet there are lots of other memories, like mine, left as well.


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