Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oklahoma Tax Man?

It was last summer, near the end of our first day of driving and we were passing through a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I saw this garage out of the corner of my eye as we passed and had to turn around and go back. My wife and daughter are more than familiar with this behavior and to their great credit very understanding! The building faced the street and was several hundred feet from the nearest house. I stood there looking at it and called out to see if there was anyone inside. In response a woman came out from the house and not at all happily wanted to know what I thought I was doing? ( I hadn't even raised my camera) I explained I was a photographer, on vacation and liked the way the place looked. I also explained that my father-in-law ( deceased) loved to work on small motors and would have been in awe of their collection! And I asked to take a picture. Her concern was that "I was a tax-man taking pictures to charge them more taxes!!" I'm not sure that I convinced her otherwise but I did get to take this one picture. And then I left quickly!


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