Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Saturday

So yesterday was a Saturday, remember I still get weekends off from retirement. Renee' and I slept late, at least for her- till 9:30 and Hallie and her sleepover friend even later! It was grey, just above freezing, and raining off and on. I put in an order for banana pancakes and the cook said OK! That put me in the mood for a nap ( it was 11 allready) and the guest left with Hallie and her mom sneaking off to the movies and an afternoon sans me!

That was fine because without help I definitely couldn't change the wax ring that was leaking! I did decide to get up and start a pot of pinto beans in my special bean pot. Inspired by a Terrance Simien album, and the complete freedom to play my stereo just as loud as I wanted- I seasoned the best pot of beans ever. Granted Renee' leaving the roasted Hatch green chiles out that she had hidden in the freezer helped.

While they cooked, slowly- 4-6 hours is best, I lined up more music and proceeded to do something I haven't in far too long- Really Listen! I put this stereo together back in 1973, before even Renee'. A Marantz 1120 amp, a pair of JBL 88's and a pair of Electrovoice 100's. When I say I listen loud its not headbanging or silverware rattling but loud like the band was in the room with you. And the sound is so fine. So fine.

Well the beans got done, Renee & H still weren't back to cook the cornbread, so I had one bowl and was getting my second when they showed up. They didn't wait for the cornbread either! After the cornbread came out of the oven, hot- slightly sweet and dripping with butter we finished off the pot.

One regrets- I forgot to have a big ice cold mug of milk to wash them down!

Here's the beans starting out, finished, and the side of my head- just because!
Oh and it seems God rewarded me for helping as assisting minister at church today ! You remember that wax ring I need to change? It seems that Hallie's bathroom clogged this afternoon and the plumber has to come clean it out tomorrow!! He can change the ring!


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