Thursday, March 05, 2015

To Live is to fly

Both Low and high
So Wipe the dust off your wings
And the Tears out of your eyes!
            Townes Van Zandt

I stopped on my way west in Van Horn, Texas just before sunset to see what I might see! And there were the Sierra Diablo mountains, wonderfully side lit by the setting sun. Rising in front of them about 50  feet off the road were the SP train tracks on top of a 10-12 foot embankment and the sun gleaming off the rails! I walked over to the embankment and started up to get just the right angle. Did I mention that the embankment rose at 60 degree angle? About halfway up my body started to lean backward! Thinking fast I turned around and started back down,, FAST, too fast! Two steps and I was running to keep from falling, one more and the Dust was gone from my wings and I was FLYING! I reached level ground and not surprisingly found that my feet were unable to keep up with the speed my body had reached. Gravity decided even quicker than my lightning fast mind that it was time to very ungracefully visit the earth head first. So I did. My photographers instinct took over and held the camera in the air until the last minute, saving it from serious damage. As I lay there hoping nothing was broken and trying to get my breath back all the dogs in Van Horn started barking and I expected them to be over me any second to finish me off! But they didn't and I picked my self up very slowly and headed back up the embankment to GET MY PICTURE! And I did! ( Picture to come later) Those tears, well it wouldn't surprise me if my body doesn't reward me with enough soreness to bring the tears tomorrow morning when I wake up!


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