Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hard Time in Retirement

So I wake up from my morning nap and my wife is leaving! I say What about my lunch?  I'm not exactly sure what her response  was but she is gone.
So I wait. A long time. No neighbor comes with a casserole. I wait some more. The school bus doesnt bring the kindergarden kids home for two more hours ( they often have leftover sandwichs in their backpacks and are easily tricked) 
I make a hard decision. I will make my OWN sandwich.
And I do...... Peanut Butter, Banannas, and Tomatoes- on BREAD!. I even got my own glass of milk! 
I'm going to enjoy it too, right after I wake up from my nap!

ps, I'm particularly fond of King Ranch Casserole!


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