Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Very Nice Shade

While we were in Oaxaca we went one morning to the ruins overlooking the city- Monte Alban. At one level of the ruins there were several trees giving a dense shade. And the breeze was cool, very inviting to just lay down and think. So I did- while Renee', Hallie, and Guillermo, our guide, went on exploring. If you know me you know I very rarely pass by shade or the opportunity to stretch out. It was very peaceful even as the size and volume of groups touring the grounds increased. From time to time a vendor strolling around selling " ancient relics" would pause underneath and talk with me. I thought about how many centuries ago Indians who lived there had rested under the shade of this same tree. It was a great experience.

A while later Guillermo came to collect me, amazed that Renee' was correct in telling him I would still be laying where they had left me! We talked for a while about when, if ever, it is right to open a tomb or a grave and remove the remains or items placed inside. And I commented on the shade I had shared with thousands of years of long past others.

He told me the trees had been planted less than fifty years ago to give a resting place for the "ancient artifact vendors" on slow days!


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