Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Boat on Dock Picture

Well I was driving along and saw this picture. I thought OK you havn't ever taken the "boat on the dock with water" picture so lets do it.
It was late and the exposure was getting up close to a second but I was using a RF and figured I would just hand hold, didn't have a tripod anyway.
Turns out I'd left the lens cap on.
So I went back the next night, earlier enough to have more light, and there were these ducks, and these guys in a boat, and the water was just as calm.
So i took the lens cap off this time and had the B&W version of this firmly planted in my mind. I was shooting digital so when I went to process it I ran off a color print first. And you know I think that's the one I like best.
Neither one of them conveys the felling of having a million mosquitoes chewing on your legs though!


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