Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quite a Mess!

We got a "liittle snowstorm" here in Cental Texas this week! The roof is gone from the stable, Joseph is on his butt, the animals and the manger are covered in snow! Kind of like the world seems to be going right now, everything confused- nothing to get happy about, and little of nothing to count on. Me, I'm deep down into the dark of depression myself. But. But. But this I know in my heart, throughout my soul, no matter how much snow fills that manger, how destroyed the world seems, if we only open our hearts we can- we will recieve the true gift of Christmas. That of Jesus. God born to US!, in the lowest of settings to bring US HIS Love! Don't miss out! Like Reuben said...........
Its free Mama, take it!


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