Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Trip" Delay

on account of "trip" induced soreness! It seems that "trip" I took out in Van Horn has caught up with me! Frequent applications of advil have only masked the symptoms of soreness. My left rib cage is bruised pretty badly and a cough, or worse a laugh, makes for quite a bit of pain. My hand is no longer black from bruising and I can move my thumb. As I sleep on my side a nights rest isn't too much fun either! So I've decided to take a day and do little of nothing and see if that gives my body a little time to heal. I'm in Tucson and it is full of great places to eat- I went straight to Leruas for green corn tamales when I got in yesterday afternoon. I believe going out for a meal balanced with plenty of naps and feet up time should be just what the doctor ordered! My only regret ( offset by all the food choices) is that I'm not doing this up in the Chirachua mountains next to a stream on the tall grass in the sun!
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