Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well yesterdays photography was mostly about airplanes and todays is mostly about saguaro cactus. While many of those planes were over 100 years old saguaro can live for more than 150years! They don't grow their first side arm until they are more than 75 years old. They produce an edible fruit ( eat carefully, the spines are sharp) in June so I didn't get to try any of those. And that's about all I know about saguaro!
and by the way I cant tell whether the values or color are any good or not. the laptop I'm using is not calibrated. Left click on picture for a bigger image.
I can speak strongly about my meal tonight at Lerua's ( on Broadway in Tucson) they have been open since 1922 and the food is wonderful. Tonight I had a "crisp" sort of a Sonoran pizza- cheese, carne seca, and green chiles. I made a deal with the waitress to take  it away after I ate half so I would have room for another green corn tamale. I also tried a beef tamale, which was great also but nothing touches those green corn tamales!
android photo, kept trying to do a mode called beauty face?


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