Sunday, February 21, 2016

We are both

awfully proud of our daughter and her many achievements. Not that, with her being a teenager and our slow learning curve as parents, we are not sometimes a little disappointed in a few things she does. ( Just how disappointed she is in us at times is another post.) One of the things we are proud of her for is her athletic ability. Neither I, nor her mother, can claim any credit for this. The closest we ever came to regular participation in sports was an end of the work week volleyball game- barbeque- beer drinking  party when we and our peers were too young and poor to afford anything else on a Friday night!

Hallie does well in her chosen sport- soccer! Very well, especially considering her smaller size! But what she does best though- is truly play the game as it is meant to be- as a part of a team!  She plays forward, and at an age when many of her follow players seem more interested in whether they can score a goal- she is looking for the best way for the team to advance. And lordy, lordy, can she thread a pass!

Yes, we are very rightly extremely proud of her! #4! Happy Half Birthday!

Monday, February 01, 2016

I was

visiting my Mother at the nursing facility where she lives a few weeks ago. She was asleep when I came in so I sat and waited for her to finish the nap. After a while the sound of electric guitars came down the hallway.Country music, what I call more traditional- "I fall to pieces", " Funny how time slips away", " Your cheating heart" and so on. 
   The sound was a little muffled, not unlike driving up to a beer joint out in the country and standing there in the dark before you went in to the light, sound, smoke, and smell of beer.
   So I walked down the hall to see what was going on. In the common dining area there were two men set up, in their 70's?, one playing an acoustic guitar and the other an electric. The man on the electric was playing the melody, or sort of..... sometimes it was off , a totally different song . The man singing had a voice mixed like Don William's pure tones along with Merle Haggards singular twang.  There was a small group of residents listening. 
  I went back down to Mothers room with a picture in my mind of where those people were- not knowing if it was there in wheelchairs or out on a dance floor years ago.
  They closed with "Faded Love" but it was the song before it that has stayed in my mind. The electric guitar player was dead on this time and the singer nailed it as well. The song--

    Tougher Than The Rest
       written by Bruce Springsteen
    The road is dark
    And it's a thin thin line
    But I want you to know I'll walk it for you any time
    Maybe your other boyfriends
    Couldn't pass the test
    Well if you're ready for love
    Honey I'm tougher than the rest
    Maybe they weren't as old as I thought. Maybe none of them are as old as we think.