Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Use your own Crayolas

Color this in any way you want, or enjoy the feel of light just the way it is. What I can't give you, and I wish I could, is the taste of water- the coming rain in the desert- the perfume of all the flowers and that glorious desert smell of creosote bush. All so rich and thick and, like the light and the desert- So Big!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So I learned

That I dont know how to create a post and publish it at a later date. That is to say the most current post should be
Happy Birthday to Hallie!
So go back two posts and there it is!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Days Before

We got to Big Bend we were at the Frio River and it was flooding, not this peaceful placid creature. Two days before this, not long but long enough.

Happy Birthday to Hallie!

Click on image for larger version, as always!

Half of Hallie and half of Jim- I'm harder to see because I'm on the dark side of the line and Hallie, shes headed out into the light- a future before her that makes me so gloriously happy for her! I'm really starting to understand, in the very BEST of ways what it means to live through your children.

Kind of like the wonderful marriage my wife and I have- you get your life, the shared life, and the other persons life as well. Wow! and she DOESNT SLAM the SCREEN DOOR!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vacation Cabin 103

For nearly fifteen years We have been going out to the Big Bend in August and, by the grace of God, spending the better part of a week in Cabin #103 up in the Chisos Basin. It's built of stone and adobe and has a long porch along the front that has the most wonderful view out through an opening in the Chisos Mountains called--- the Window! The cabin was built by the CCC around 70 years ago and served as the residence for the first superintendant of the park, Ross Maxwell. No TV, no telehone, no internet, no A/C...just peace, quiet, and time to move at whatever pace you choose! We love it and our daughter Hallie has joined us every year we've had her. What amazes me is that she goes in and out the screen door many times in a day but never lets the door slam! And we don't have screen doors on our house. Just almost spooky coming from a little kid!This is that door. See how wonderfully polished the stone is. I hope our daughter's kids get to add to that polish- just many,many years from now!