Thursday, October 24, 2019

Where Did October Go?

Well it mostly seems to have been spent in visits to doctors, their physicians assistants and nurses! As well as many, many e-mails to their portals each one requiring a new and unique password consisting of no less that eight characters, one of which must be CAPITALIZED, one a symbol, and another a random series of numerals which must change every 36hours and never add up to an even number!
Now I have to get an appointment with a nephrologist, which from the sound of the word leads me to believe has something to do with the ancient Egyptian art of mummification!  
The only thing good about it all is that politicians have an even more complex task to amuse themselves in than repealing health care and the government has forgotten to screw with me and is paying all my medical bills! For Now!
Since our daughter is attending college in Colorado I hope they don't get that wall built that he promised last night! I'd really like to see her at Christmas!

Great googa mooga, can't you hear me talkin' to you, just a
Ball of Confusion that's what the world is today