Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Camera First Picture

I bought my first screw mount Leica a week ago, another peril of the internet---- you can buy things on EBay you don't need! Anyway I've always heard they were hard to load and a couple of rolls of film later I finally made this first exposure........When I work up the nerve I may try and load another roll of film.

It is a beautiful little jewel of a camera though!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Shagawa Lake

Shagawa Lake near Ely Minnesota after sunset

Friday, July 21, 2006

Newly Married

There was a couple, a bride and a groom,in an elegant tux and beautiful white gown, walking down this street. An older woman following close behind, perhaps... most likely... the brides mother- lifting the train when she could keep up with them. Renee' and Hallie had allready gone into the hotel missing their small procession. So I took this picture of this glorious thunderhead building in the sky. An old folk saying promises you will have riches if it rains on your wedding day. It rained on mine, and later that evening it poured on theirs! I hope they find the same wonderful riches in their marriage that Renee' and I have in ours.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Boat on Dock Picture

Well I was driving along and saw this picture. I thought OK you havn't ever taken the "boat on the dock with water" picture so lets do it.
It was late and the exposure was getting up close to a second but I was using a RF and figured I would just hand hold, didn't have a tripod anyway.
Turns out I'd left the lens cap on.
So I went back the next night, earlier enough to have more light, and there were these ducks, and these guys in a boat, and the water was just as calm.
So i took the lens cap off this time and had the B&W version of this firmly planted in my mind. I was shooting digital so when I went to process it I ran off a color print first. And you know I think that's the one I like best.
Neither one of them conveys the felling of having a million mosquitoes chewing on your legs though!