Monday, July 27, 2009

Do The Walk of Life

Dire Sraits was so right. And I get to walk with these two beautiful and amazing women.I've just gotten to spend nearly four weeks with them in a series of wonderful trips and experiences. Not that I dont get to spend my life with them, but this was a special time- starting in Seattle and Chelan Washington, then a week at Holden Village up in the remote Cascades. Then alone with my wife for five days while our daughter attended her first away-over night camp and then for a week in the Chisos Basin of the Big Bend- the three of us in what our daughter refers to as Home Without A House. Today was Monday and I didn't go back to work..... I stayed home and worked on photos. While I doubt I will ever be even half as pleased with the images as I was spending the time with them I will be sharing some of them here. Like the title of my blog I hope you will find in them cold water for thirsty souls!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Outside

the window there was a garden, with several people working in it. They were talking softly, words indistinguishable but their tone filled with happiness . Inside stretched out on the bed, my hands feeling the seams of each fabric square of the quilt and the coolness of the air coming through the window, I drifted off to sleep. Content to be doing nothing but what was very very satisfying.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Rain

but plenty of clear, cold water. Sounding so fine. Tasting so fresh, pure, and cold. All our glaciers may be melting and that is horrible-- but go up and have a drink from them while you can. And listen to the glorious song they are singing as they flow past.