Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Low Country

We are enjoying the "Low Country", a series of islands and marshy areas  along the Atlantic coast from northern Florida to North Carolina. It is beautiful country and varies from very developed to still living in the early 1900's. As you might imagine there are varying opinions in our group as to which is the most interesting! Those of us far removed from our teenage years prefer places like Marshside Mama's ( that a bowl of their gumbo below) set next to a marsh on Dafuskie Island ( reached only by boat)- mostly under huge Spanish moss draped oaks with a blues band playing. Not at all surprisingly those in their teen aged years like the shops along Tybee Beach, cars and beach buggies whizzing by, and are, as I write this, there enjoying a repast at Subway!  Meanwhile- back at the hotel, Renee' and I occasionally glance out at the beach, neither of us interested in going to check out the lifeguards as the girls have. They are growing up sooooo fast!
People here ( locals) are nice but a little peculiar, for instance yesterday- Sunday, at Marshside Mamas they couldn't serve liquor because they forgot to get their "Sunday license" I asked for lemonade but they said we couldn't have any because then they wouldn't have enough for mixed drinks!

And then this morning at breakfast ( highly recommend the Breakfast Club on Tybee) I asked for an order of hashbrowns & bacon to go ( for those teenagers still asleep back in the room) and they said they couldn't do "to-go" orders.... but I could place a second order ( Renee' and I had already had eaten one, with onions, bacon, and mushrooms grilled in) and then have a to-go box for what I didn't eat!

Oh yeah and salsa for your eggs is not a condiment ( like back home) its $3.75.
Nonetheless we are having a great time!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

First Day of Summer

Friday, June 12, 2015

To The Point!

This afternoon my daughter and I were actually having a pleasant conversation! Before she became a teenager those talks happened regularly and at her instigation. I miss them a LOT! So this was very enjoyable, very. She brought up the subject of which of us lived ( as teenagers) in the most exciting era. As a child of the sixties I listed all "my benefits" and was sure I had it sewn up. Unfortunately Hallie opened and finished the discussion with this statement....... But Dad, there was no history yet!