Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just Can't Wait!!!

to wish the woman I love a Happy Birthday! Officially its tomorrow but then I celebrate each day I have her in my life! There have been 43 years of those days, a good start on forever! Happy Birthday Renee'!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A Step

  A over a week ago my 14 year old daughter took a huge step! But first a little history. Music has always been a big part of my life, a least as a listener. So my wife and I have always made it available to our daughter. As an infant and young child she had a small stereo in her room and we played a broad range of music for her. As she grew older she began to chose for herself and just as my parents did, we were disappointed with her choices. She had us take the stereo out and listed only through the speakers of an i-pod or after she had one, an i-phone. My opinion here..... bad music made worse through horrible sound reproduction. Even though we made no effort to control what she listened to she wanted no part of a better sound system. She didnt even want to listen to "her" music on our excellent stereo.
  About a week ago I was setting up some powered speakers with a sub-woofer outside on the patio. I now have quite a bit of "my" music on i-pods ( my daughter put it there for me) and i got an adapter so that i could plug them into the system. I asked her to bring her phone out , pick a song she liked, and play it through the system.
  The look on her face as the song played was amazing! And as I watched her and listened as she sampled a number of songs I heard something I had ignored- music that had something to it more than I had been willing to hear. 
  She now has a very good set of powered speakers in her room and for some reason doesn't play them as loud as I would! And I am learning some new music!
  A step for both of us.