Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jazz Fest

Officially it's the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival but you don't hear too many people call it anything but the Jazz Fest. We haven't been in three years now, there is a lot we miss about that- from the Crawfish Monica, to second lining with Eddie leading, sno-balls, music so heartfelt and GOOD it just blows you away, to that last shuffle around the track on the way out with the Radiators keeping you dancing every last step.

These images are from ten years ago- 1997- I have finally gotten my film scanning skills to where I want them. We went for more than 15 years and loved everyone of them,, rain, heat, crowds and all. The last few years were even more fun because Hallie was there with us!

I'm listening to WWOZ streaming live from the fest right now- wishing we were there. It goes on the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May but we won't be making it this year. We have so much to show Hallie, so much to do with her, to experience through her eyes and there is just not enough time.

Or maybe there is plenty. I know we are glad to have stood and sung out to God a with hugely diverse crowd of people in the Gospel Tent. To have waited in line for an hour or more in the morning-- just to get in-- and allready having a blast- waiting.

To have danced to swing, and zydeco and blues, dixieland jazz and rock, cajun fiddles, african drums, and gospel pedal steel!

And we ate. A lot. Of the most fantastic food around. A lot.

Our feet turned dirty and dusty, or muddy. And our hearts filled with happiness.

Pass a good time wherever you are, however you can!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Too Loud Daddy

Our little "wet weather" stream has been running with the continued rains. Very nice, a few spots have "waterfalls" or "rapids" that produce the lovely soothing notes of running and falling water. Just loud enough to hear if you are only a few feet away--- and listening.
Tonight my daughter came into our shed where I had the stereo at the appropriate level for the music I was listening to- the Stones, back from the era when even Charlie Watts was under thirty! She went to the stereo and turned it down!
"too loud daddy"
But she doesn't want to go sit still and listen to the stream either.
Women! I haven't figured out her mother in thirty five years and have made even less progress with Hallie in these last four!
? Remember how many notes on the cow bell BEFORE the first drum licks??

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Plum Hall Bathroom

Coming back from Houston I stopped off in Plum to check and see if I could get into the old dance hall. No luck with the hall but one of the restrooms was open! Inspired by a bathroom, that's me! I sure wish I could get into the hall itself- I just know the light will be fantastic.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Down to the Beach

It seems like just yesterday we were back from China with our daughter. Home a few months and off to Mexico, just to show Reuben we could still travel with a child. It has been four years since that trip and almost five... in a couple of weeks, since he passed.
He would have never gone to Mexico, let alone sat in the sand, where Hallie exclaimed she wanted to be "Buck Naked on the Beach!" ( Quite a command of English at 19 months old and only three months in the US)
He would have drunk the beer, after all, " if its free mama, take it"

And I do believe he watched us go down to the beach. I pray, with a smile.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

In Spite

In spite of our turning our backs on Christ each day- In spite of our denying, our failing, our unbelief, He Rises!
Not for himself, but for us.
Take it mama, it's free!