Monday, January 30, 2023

We are poised

 here in Central Texas, and forecast ( for all that's worth) to end the month of January with a winter storm bringing the possibility of icy roads! Our gov shipped himself to Marthas Vineyard with another bus load of migrants so he wont be here when all the power goes out! At 10.30 am on the 30th,we are still at 32 degrees, no rain, but 92% humidity, which is sufficient- believe me,  to create enough ice on roads to send hundreds of jacked up 4WD pickups flying into each other ! Thanks to Elon there are enough Teslas on the road bursting into flames from overheating batteries there will quite a lot of the "ice" melted! Unless of course the owners stay at home to plug their cars into houses to keep it warm when power grid fails! 

We have two fireplaces, which burn wood or banned books, and a gas cooktop- like God intended, no electricity needed! So we should be fine! Still plenty of covid food left so theres no need to go to supermarket which I'm sure had bare shelves by 8pm last night!

All this being said our prayers go out to those who will genuinely suffer because of this weather. Texas has huge budget surpluses (33 bn). Like so many things in this country, it just makes no sense.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Just Marking Time

 But I did go on an intentional photo shoot to a site I'd seen in passing a number of times!

 And I'm pleased with the images I made!

Friday, December 16, 2022

So Far.......

 We are having a weather appropriate "Christmas Season"...... as long as you don't mark it as beginning back in early October when a lot of businesses seemed to kick things off! We have had a relatively mild December with no highs over the mid 70's!!!!!! mostly 50's & 60's with several nights down in the upper 30's! Out in the "country" where we live we've actually had some Freezing Temperatures! And next week, leading up to Christmas, we have forecast lows in the 20's! BRRRRRRRRR!!! Most of the government officials have left the state for more tropical climes in advance of the coming electric grid failure!

Friday, December 02, 2022

An Update!

 It occurred to me ( In a Flash of Brilliance!!!), as things often do, that today marks the birth of a NEW WOMAN! On this day ( Dec 2) Renee' Reimer

 was re-born as Mrs Jim Woodard! Among other benefits it confers on her the very honest claim to be FORTY-FOUR years Young today!!

photo taken while waiting happily at 7am in Iowa for our beloved RV to be repaired!!