Sunday, October 24, 2021

Happy Birthday to my Wife!

 Whatever's next, I'm so happy to continue the journey with you! And even though I told you it would be better for you to say NO, when I asked, over 45 years ago, I am SO GLAD you said Yes.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

And it just kept getting better!

 Gorgeous fall colors, the gentle sounds of water, moments for peaceful reflection, and roads that most certainly have hidden secrets to reveal!

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Maybe not in Texas yet!

But in the Rockies its Fall All Over!

And Flat Hallie is there with us to see it all! 


Tuesday, September 07, 2021

I've been going through shoeboxes

 of old photos, which will mean little to most of the young people today, but brings back so many old memories! This is from my truck driving days, back in the early 70's! No more big rig, pony-tail, skinny physique but that Red Hot Mamma still snuggles up to me!